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Nikki Beach Resort & Spa The Pearl–Qatar 
Discover why Nikki Beach Hotels & Resorts is destined to take the luxury lifestyle hotel market to new heights. isola takes an exclusive look at the new Nikki Beach Resort & Spa The Pearl-Qatar and catches up with Claudio Roscigno

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Welcome to a world of luxury, fashion and entertainment where all your desires come to play. With exclusive amenities destined for its elite clientele, Nikki Beach Resort & Spa is more than just a place, it’s a lifestyle.

With beach clubs scattered across the globe in such glamorous and high profile locations as Saint-Tropez, Miami Beach, Koh Samui and Las Vegas, Doha is somewhat privileged to have a Nikki Beach Hotels & Resorts grace its shores with the first Nikki Beach Resort & Spa worldwide. Given Qatar is fast becoming an increasingly well-known and worldly destination, it’s understandable that Nikki Beach wants to join the party; after all partying is what they’ve done best – so far.

Innovative and glamorous, the property is the first of its kind to integrate state of the art entertainment within a luxury resort, thus creating a unique and heady blend of sophisticated living, leisure and gastronomy that will have Qatar entertained like never before. Renowned across the world for its stylish “White” parties and “Amazing Sundays,” Nikki Beach also has the undisputed reputation as being the “The Sexiest Place on Earth,” and translating that image to Doha is set to prove a challenge.

Claudio Roscigno, Regional Director of Sales and Marketing, says it’s a challenge he’s ready to take on. “It is our big challenge, but our main strength is that we are not just transposing the existing Beach Club concept to Doha. We are creating a whole new experience based on distinctive energy balance that incorporates the best of what the Beach Club has to give. We aim to respect the local culture while bringing in the sexiest place on earth aspect. And a thorough positioning exercise will help us achieve this aim.

Market research has already suggested that the brand will be welcomed here. “I have been talking with many peoples living in Qatar about the perception of Nikki Beach and they are all looking forward to our opening. A lot of them go to Nikki Beach in Marbella and Saint Tropez and they know the brand,” affirms Roscigno.

The resort’s breathtaking location on The Pearl boasts stunning views of the sea and of the city skyline. Roscigno is animated as he explains that the Nikki Beach Resort & Spa The Pearl-Qatar won’t be like any other hotel resort in Doha. “Once the new airport is finished we’ll be able to offer boat transport to and from the airport, which is unique. it’s a different experience, something unusual that will make our guests feel special. And it’s beautiful as you will be able to see the skyline of Doha and The Pearl from a unique perspective.”

Nikki Beach has developed into a luxury lifestyle brand and attracts celebrities and globe-trotting elite from across the world. It’s, therefore, no surprise that they want to emulate that here in Qatar. Roscigno explains that they aim to partner very high profile events in Doha and to also attract the stars. “We partner with the Cannes and Toronto Film Festivals, most likely here we will partner with the Tribeca Film Festival. We also want to make sure that if celebrities are coming to Doha, that they are staying with us.”

Nikki Beach Resort & Spa also has ambitious plans to be at the forefront of launches. Ideally located at the tip of the Pearl, it will be set amidst a cluster of high-end establishments and chic international retail including Prada, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton to name a few.

Roscigno is excited about the potential that the location offers. When those shops will be looking to launch their new collections, we will be ready and available to organize memorable and personalized parties for them. From catwalks to product launches, executive retreats or special incentive programs, Nikki Beach Resort & Spa The Pearl-Qatar has what it takes to accommodate their special requirements.” There will also be the opportunity to hire this exclusive venue for weddings or private events with ability to accommodate up to 350 guests.

Opening will be in two phases. In April 2012, 24 suites ranging from one to four bedrooms will open,  along with the world renowned Nikki Beach Club, “N’eat”, a trendy contemporary style three meals restaurant featuring open kitchens in a lively cosmopolitan atmosphere and “Envy – Ultra VIP lounge” - the soul of the hotel’s nightlife.

Set to open at a later date, 60 exquisetly appointed rooms and suites, the Tone fitness and the Nikki Spa developed in conjunction with Espa will complete the Nikki Beach Resort & Spa experience. Unlike many other properties in Doha and the region, Nikki Beach Resort & Spa the Pearl-Qatar will not charge an annual membership to grant access to their Beach Club.  Instead you can “buy” a VIP card that grants you benefits in all Nikki Beach properties worldwide. To access the Nikki Beach Club, visitors can “buy” a bed for the day. Roscigno clarifies, “There are a number of different types of beds. If you are with friends and you want private cabanas for up to eight people, there is a set price. You pay for the bed for the day. Of course if you just want to come for a drink you can do so. Piped or live music spinned by our resident DJ will be played throughout the day.  Our hotel guests will get designated  beds for free.”

Even the recruitment process is unique at Nikki Beach Hotels & Resorts, with each candidate being screened to see if they comply with the “Nikki Fit.” Roscigno explains, “We need to recruit the right people; what we call the ‘Nikki Fit’.
Hoping to attract a multitude of nationalities, Roscigno says that they already have in place key staff from around the globe. “When you enter our premises we want you to have the feeling of a global environment. For instance we already recruited a Mexican PR and Communications Manager, a Lebanese Sales Manager, a Thai Events Specialist, and an Italian Reservation Agent; it’s a melting pot and we want to keep it this way.”

Nikki Beach Resort & Spa The Pearl-Qatar is sure to shake up your average weekend stay. Whether your desire is for a journey that is vibrant and social or one that is quiet and personal, Nikki Beach Resort & Spa The Pearl-Qatar will immerse you in a luxury drenched lifestyle and provide you with a tantalizing array of venues featuring unique and exciting concepts.

Roscigno details just what’s coming our way. “Usually in Europe and the U.S. we have what we call “Amazing Sundays”; most likely here it will be “Amazing Saturdays,” where we have parties at the beach club by the pool with DJs and entertainment in the afternoon until late. This will be every weekend. We already have a calendar of events set.” It seems it will be possible to party with Nikki Beach all day long, a totally new concept for Doha. “The idea is that you can stay at the beach club until 8 or 9 o’clock, get changed, have dinner in our restaurant and then from there we have panoramic lifts that will transport you to the nightclub. So it’s a lifestyle; you spend a whole day with us,”says Rocisgno.

With a launch party already in the planning stage, Nikki Beach Resort & Spa The Pearl-Qatar is pulling out all the stops to ensure the launch in Doha will not go unnoticed. “Nikki Beach is famous for its celebrities so we are working with our Miami office to hook up with celebrities intending to travel to the region,” Roscigno explains excitedly.

Summing up his vision for Nikki Beach Resort & Spa The Pearl-Qatar, he adds, “There is no doubt it will be the place to be seen in Doha, providing our guests with an experience to remember and a lifestyle to call their own.”

We think he may well be right.

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